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The Madness of The Monk: The 7 Noble Truths by Anuj Tikku It’s a peek into the Buddhist and Monk traditions and what similarities they have, how these were practised through the ages.

The author takes you through a journey of the monasteries of Dharamshala with a mad Buddhist monk called Tenzing who shed light on the 7 Noble truths.

Well, this is a fictional story of the author himself while he was travelling to Dharamshala, where he met this Mad monk who explained to him the Truths of life. The book conveys an important message. The truths that we should learn.

The author explained the truths in a crisp and interesting way. I liked how Tenzing explained it. The pictures that the author added played an important role in making this topic more interesting.

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The narration and the plot of the book are simple and interesting. The pace of the book is a bit slow. I liked the way the author added the drama and dialogues keeping the reader invested in.

I liked the conversations and the way Tenzing responded. The author wonderfully added the philosophical as well as spiritual touch to the story. The characters are well developed.

The writing style of the author is witty and lucid keeping the reader engaged throughout. Well, there are some spelling errors and mistakes which can’t be ignored. It could have been a masterpiece with proper editing and with proper sequence.

Overall it’s a good book, a short read.

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The madness of monk is a fictional story of my excursions with a mad monk called Ten zing around the mountains of Simla and through the valley of Dharmsala . The book is a series of discussions between me and the monk were he unravels the seven noble truths of life and spreads light on Buddhist tradition and even ancient Bon religion still practiced in Tibet and Ladakh region . Through stories and co incidences Ten zing takes me through a journey across the eastern lands exploring the way of the East 

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