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A tiny girl whose eyes craves for magnification of dreams, A soul with never stopping goal.
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Vidhya Thakkar
She’s impatient like wind, Unpredictable like waves and a Mystery like Caves. Vidhya Thakkar, for whom ‘work, comes first, always’. A pure Gemini soul and a versatile personality. words are her power and quotes are her strength. the one who loves to spread laughter and joy everywhere she goes. the one who is an avid reader, a photographer, traveller, blogger, an entrepreneur and a trainer. Books, food, and Facebook are her escape. she’s a poet, a writer, and a blogger.
Passion Rules us all, that’s what she always believes in. with lots of positivity, zeal, and passion she lives. Someone who love to spread smiles. ‘The Secret’ was the first book that she read after which her love for books was unconditional. she loves reading romance, fiction, and various genres. She loves discovering and reading Indian authors the most. With her graduation done in BMM, A Mumbaikar soul who loves to communicate with various people led her to the creation of #Mumbaibookstagrammers.
“The trouble is you think you have a lot of time” – wake up, fulfill your dreams.
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