There’s a time when you find sparkle in your life, a sparkle of hope, a sparkle of dreams and sparkle of love.

Life will bring you everything you want, just trust it’s timings.
Here’s my 101 poem!
She’s words and he, her sentence,
he took her out of that fence,
Fence she built for herself.
Inside, she was not being herself.
Escaping reality, she loved fiction,
never knew when she became his addiction,
Stalking her from Facebook to Instagram,
He thought she had her own charm.
you’re so damaged, he always said,
which cannot be fixed, she always replied.
I’ll fix it- he always argued,
he knew, his feelings were all mixed.
Talks, fights, ignorance, he faced it all,
Her one glance, made him fall.
Her anger he always faced,
with her smile, moments he chased.
He thought, she could never be mine,
I don’t know if together we are fine.
With long chats and calls,
taking out time for her, in love, he falls.
He believed in forever, she believed in living moments,
will these opposites be one? he always felt.
they say jealousy has its own charm,
he being with other costs her harm.
What she always ignored was always love,
For her, he was a priority all above.
This time jealousy made her realize,
it was her time to roll the dice.
With anger, frustration and lots of love,
She went to him, to confess it now.
Words of confession came on her lips,
I love you- she said with a bliss.
Never knew, opposites will be one,
though things in common are none.
Its always said, love binds people together,
they got their forever.
She is words, he her sentence,
she is creation and he, above all her destiny.
P.S this is fictional too 😛
Blog by Vidhya Thakkar


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