How our lives take a full 360 degree turn each day, There’s happiness, there’s sadness, there’s laughter, there’s smile, what makes our lives better? Our Karma!
Agree with it? it’s our karma that makes us, defines our Journey.

Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

With every passing day, I believed more in god.
It’s always the formula of give and take.
It’s always the karma that it makes.
Every day I witnessed something new.
Was it a miracle or karma I didn’t know!.

There are ups, there are downs in everyone’s life.
That’s how the time rolls the dice.
Keep that smile bright on your face.
Witness life, full of different shades.

They say, do good work, believe in god.
But at the end, it’s Karma that I am fond of.
Show gratitude spread smiles,
There’s a beautiful journey ahead, witness beautiful life every mile.

Spread smiles, spread positivity, spread laughter!

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