How easily one can say I love you to their loved ones.. and at very next moment there’s feeling of possessiveness for them and we start having fear of losing that person.

And once that person is gone you fear of losing yourself. Is what life is? Having fear of losing people around us?  Is our trust so weak on that person or is our love so weak for that person?
No. It’s we who destroy ourselves for that person, it’s we who care so much and our care is never noticed.
That person never think how much it will hurt others.
Is that a fear? Fear of loosing person? Or fear of loosing yourself?

There’s pain of separation felt
Feels like moon melts
There seems mess
Yes, there’s fear I witness

Every lil things seem going far.
telling  goodbye and leaving me in dark
The feeling is mixed
Without any fix.
There’s fear I witness
That keeps me in mess

Leaving the world back
Having people around are fake
It’s like having no things to hunt
And it feels like hand burnt.

Burnt in bright sun
Having with me none.
It’s witnessing maximum light
And m striving hard to fight
Yes, m witnessing
Witnessing the pain of fear.
Without any cure.
And it feels like nightmare

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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