Author: Aashish Chopra
Publisher: Hachette India
Rating: 5/5


Fast, Cheap and Viral: How to Create Game-Changing Content on a Shoestring Budget by Aashish Chopra is a wonderful book. Each content creator or blogger must read this book. It’s like a guide for all of them.
While reading this book I felt like I was attending a workshop. It’s that engaging.

The author explained each and every point in a simple and crisp way. The illustrations and diagrams added a sparkle to the book. The writing style of the author is simply lucid and appealing.

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From the very first page, it builds curiosity to know the secrets. Each chapter has a Master key ( Guru mantra I learned from each chapter ). The author added some examples, case studies which again develops the interest of the reader.

The book is well detailed and with lots of helpful information. I loved how the author explained the industry’s situations, needs in an informative way.

It’s For every student, entrepreneur, blogger, marketing manager or leader who dreams of reaching millions on a shoestring budget, this book is the definitive manual on sustainable viral success.

Things that I learned from this book:

1: Make a Share-worthy video.

2: There can be many ideas, execution is what it matters.

3: Results are never in our hand, but our action and performance are.

4: Only when you shoot for the stars will you reach the moon. If you only shoot for the electricity pole, you’ll at max be standing on your desk.

5: Loyalty is earned


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Viral marketing should not be a happy accident

Aashish Chopra’s first viral video was shot with close to no budget and sparing equipment. Yet, today, his content has over 350 million views and industry masters universally agree that Aashish has cracked the viral code.

In Fast, Cheap and Viral, the ace marketer shares the secrets behind his success – all of them learnt and honed on his journey. This one-stop super-guide to viral video marketing gives you the low-down on:

HOW TO GRAB EYEBALLS in a sea of content;

HOW TO DRIVE ENGAGEMENT (because views can be bought, but engagement is earned);

WHY STORYTELLING BEATS PRODUCTION VALUE and behind-the-scenes tips and tricks;

HOW TO BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND and kill job insecurity.

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