Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger MumbaiI have received VG’s Indulge Face pack and scrub for the Review. Vg’s indulge has many wonderful homemade products, which can be customised according to your need. They have launched some astounding products which are chemical free and totally natural. If you have a particular requirement or need a particular type of product, connect with them.

I  have received scrub, which was suitable for my skin. When I applied, it didn’t cause any irritation, unlike other scrubs. It made my skin smooth and the texture of my skin was improved.  After a hectic week, I  feel relaxed while applying it. It removes ingrained dirt, old dead skin, dark circles, and gives the face a glow.

Later I applied face pack, which had an aroma of coffee. It was so relaxing. I applied it for fifteen-twenty minutes and the results were amazing. It nourishes the skin well, makes the skin soft, smooth and bright. The product was completely suitable for my sensitive skin. there were no side effects like itching, irritation.

Coffee has many benefits which improve our skin, and this coffee face pack from VG’s indulge was one of the best. It was so relaxing

You can now get your face scrub and face pack HERE.

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