Quieter people live more vibrantly.
there’s a lot going on with them because they always notice things other people don’t.

Author: Damini Kane
Publisher: Authors Press
Rating: 4/5

Review:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai, Book blogger India

The Sunlight plane is a story of Tharush and Aakash. Tharush who lives a happy life with his parents has a friend Aakash, whose life is different and difficult. When they meet, what will happen next? will Tharush help his friend? or will he befriend him?

The Sunlight Plane is a saga of Pure Friendship. I loved how the author narrated the reality, which we always ignored.   The plot of the story is interesting. There’s twists and turns with every turning page. The narration of the story is riveting. The author described each and every emotion in a beautiful way. The dialogues between friends, parents were written well. One can easily connect with the story. The pace of the story is a little slow. There are a few places, the author added extra details and at some places, it felt like the story was dragged. There’s a lot of drama in the story. The story has two sides, a positive childhood and a negative childhood.  Love, care friendship, relationships, fantasy are the various themes one witness in the story.

The characters in the story are strong. Each character had their own importance. Be it Tharush’s Father or Mother. each one of them played a vital role.

Overall, it’s a story with a strong message. Love reading fiction? just go for it.

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Nine-year-old Tharush notices things: from the ennui trapped in his mother’s intelligent eyes, to the invisible but very real bubble of wealth he lives in. And when he notices, he dreams, creating stories of Sky Pirates and aliens and super fighter planes. New to the upscale residential complex Tharush lives in is Aakash. Shy and secretive, Aakash has unusual skills: he can pick locks, bandage wounds and, like Tharush, creates fantastic tales. Except that Aakash’s stories aren’t about Sky Pirates, or aliens, or super fighter planes. They are lies, and he can tell them very well. When Tharush finds out the truth behind Aakash’s bruises, the two of them are bound together in a toxic secret that might slowly poison them both.

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