We have to be perspective towards what life serves us and if we can do it, life would be re-defined and worth living once again.

Author: Priyanka Baranwal
Publisher: Pothi Publishers
Ratings: 4/5


When Maya fought two criminals one night and saved herself and her five year old daughter, Sejal, she thought the worst was over. But was it really? Or, there could be something worse than the worst? The childhood trauma that little Sejal did not deserve resulted in nightmares, trust issues and bizarre habits. Even after thirteen long years, the night continues to haunt and debilitate her senses with its magnificence, and as if it wasn’t enough, an encounter with the remains of past slips her deep into a treacherous darkness. Sejal has a loving family, a comfortable life yet disappointment is the only thing now echoing inside her. Will its shadow ever leave her side? Then we see a shining light in the dark brooding sky – Kartik. Is he the answer to her quest of peace? Will Sejal be able to find love, strong enough to fight all odds and bring her out from the darkness? Will the light of hope win over its foes?  
The Shadow of Darkness holds the answer to every question.


I loved the title and the cover. It’s attractive and eye-catchy. The book itself is too good. The plot that the author has set is really amazing, it’s quite impressive. When we read title we think it will be another love story of heartbreak, but No! The plot is very different. How a person’s life affects with one incident, how it changes when the nightmares haunt. The author has written a plot in a very attractive way. It has fun, love, friendship and lots of suspense. The story is engaging and motivating. we can easily connect with the story. The characters that the author wrote had its own personality. Each one of them had their own importance in the story.  From youngest to eldest each one played a very important role in making the story interesting. The story is realistic and one can easily visualize each and every single thing. I loved Maya’s Character, how she managed her work, family and everything in her life. Also, Diya’s character was supporting. The story revolved around Sejal and Kartik. these two characters were amazing. This book teaches a lot about the importance of family, friendship, and love.  There happen lots of things in our life which we make it more complicated rather than solving it. This book has some amazing phrases which can change one’s life. The language used by the author is also simple and connecting, The pace of the story is lil slow but again, its worth a read. The tempo of the story is good as there are various elements added by the author which made the story more interesting. The story is all about the power of women, their struggle and a lot more.

Overall, Good characters, simple language, different plot and connecting with reader made this story an interesting read.

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*** I received this copy from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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