Love is just destiny waiting to happen.
You will be a different person with different responsibilities.
Grow together and face together regardless of what life throws at you.

Author: Safina Khan Soudagar
Ratings: 4/5

The Arranged Love Marriage is a romance based novel which takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. Given below is the synopsis of the novel. ‘Miss, are you alright?’ That voice… Her tummy fluttered and her eyes flew open to clash with the deepest grey eyes ever. The buzzing of the phone stopped, and so did her heart. Saphira Varma, at twenty seven is well-established in her dream company and is happily single until her parent’s wish for her to settle turns her world upside down. Her heart is locked away, but a loveless marriage to a stranger might be just the thing to placate her parents. But as her past questions her present and threatens her future, she is uncertain. Will Saphira find the lost key? If you’re a challenge woman… I certainly accept. A business minded Sameer Malhotra hadn’t expected for an arranged marriage to land up on his to-do list. But he finds himself agreeing to just that. A girl of his parent’s choice might bring him happiness. He wasn’t sure until, he found himself feeling for a woman who was captivating and left him curious. Will Saphira’s past make this a one-sided love? Not if Sameer can help it. There will be a marriage, the question is, ‘What kind?’


I totally Loved this book! The title and cover of the book is super attractive. It’s a perfect Romance novel. we often think Arrange Marriage is not a choice, but this book completely changed my mind.
Saphira is an independent girl with some dreams as well as fears about Marriage. Sameer, Man of every girl’s dream. Would they go along together? or just for parents happiness? This story has each and every element in it. From curiosity to friendship, Relationships, Romance and Love. The plot that the author developed is quite related to each and every girl getting married. The plot had that curiosity throughout. It also holds reader’s interest and connects very well. The surprise element that author added every time was just amazing. I loved them. The characters developed by the author were so relatable. be it Saphira’s character or her sister’s character. Sameer’s character was just outstanding. The gang and the group chats, Parents trust and a lot more this book is all about. The author gave importance to each and every character. She beautifully expressed each and every emotion. from arrange marriage meetings to best friends chats to parents excitement.
The tempo of the book was amazing. I loved how she added twists to the story. The pace of the story was quite slow but it was worth a read, The language used by the author was simple and it was easy to visualize each and every moment. The climax was good. totally unpredictable!

Overall if you love reading romance, Do not skip this book!

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*** I received this copy from author in exchange for Honest and unbiased review***

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