Thank you, Zoe- Nutrition for life for sending products for Review. I loved each of them.
They are tasty and healthy. we never go on diet but we can choose to eat healthy food.
Zoe has amazing products which help you to maintain your body. They have various products for your needs, If you want for weight loss, they have a different range. Similarly for anxiety & sleep, Flat belly, Constipation relief, Energy and Vitality, Metabolism Improvement and Immunity.
They give various pertinent tips which are very helpful to maintain a good health.
They have daily health tips, as well as you can consult them too.

I received 7 days Detox pack which Included

1: Ragi Chips:

It’s a power-house of Calcium and Iron and it’s gluten free which battles Anaemia and is a natural Relaxant. It has high fiber and low calories Which helps in weight loss and regulates Blood sugar levels. They were crispy and good.

2: All Grain Mix:

It has high fiber and high protein which gives energy. It also has low Calories which keeps cholesterol in check. It is also good for Hairs and Skin. It also helps in digestion.It has the goodness of all grain and was equally tasty. It was a good and healthy start to the day with All grain mix in breakfast. In India we prefer Masala in our food, we don’t like a food with less or No masala. This snack had a perfect amount of Masala which we prefer which again added richness to health.

3: Roasted Bengal Gram:

It’s rich in anti-oxidants and has Low G.I which is good for one who has Diabetes. It helps in reducing anxiety and stress. It also helps in weight loss. They are just perfect to make your day.

4: Crispy Moong:

This is something I loved them all. They were tasty and healthy. They had a very good Masala and kept the taste in the mouth.It is rich in magnesium which lowers high blood sugar. Its rich in Folate and prevents type 2 Diabetes. it has high vitamin B and high protein which boosts immunity.

5: Jaggery+Chana:

Rich in vitamins and minerals which purifies blood and detoxes the liver. Its rich in anti-oxidants which prevents constipation and provides instant energy. It’s sweet and crispy in taste.

6: Masala Soybeans:

They have high protein which improves bone health and blood circulation. It is high in vitamins and minerals which improves metabolism and reduces anxiety and insomnia. It has low calories. We never have soya beans in our daily life, but these were amazing in taste.

7: Roasted Wheat Puffs:

They are light and rich to start a day with.It’s a high dietary fiber which protects against heart disease. It has high energy which improves Metabolism.It has micronutrients which keep weight in check and improves Digestion.

8: Tomato and Corn Soup:

These were super tasty and super healthy. The taste was good and rich.
In our hectic life, we never concentrate on our health. It’s always good to switch to something healthy. The products with Zoe are perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

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